We share a deep connection to the circle. It expresses our being and creates a bridge between our selves, our unconscious and each other. Carl Jung has referred to the circle as the “archetype of wholeness”. In the Zen tradition of Buddhism there is the Zen enso, which is a circle, painted with one breath symbolizing enlightenment, power, and the universe. I draw ensos as representations of nature. Zen Master John Daido Loori, sums this up by saying, “It is believed that the character of the artist is fully exposed in how he or she draws an enso”

Each piece starts with a circular motion on one sheet of paper or across multiple sheets of paper using a large industrial brush and black sumi-e ink. There is force and flow to my works on paper. I go in and out, apply pressure and gentleness with mark making tools such as color pencils, calligraphy brushes, industrial brushes, my fingers and hands. I also incorporate photographic elements I’ve captured at an earlier time during a mindful walk I call a “drift”. These photographic images invite an element of memory marrying the past, present and future.

Exploring the circle provides the space for a spontaneous expression of the moment. It acts as a reminder for me to cycle back to the meaning of the circle, helping me to reclaim wholeness, balance, and unity.